Why Organic?

In this over-exposed world of pollutants, parents are becoming more and more conscious about creating a pure, natural environment for their children. By choosing organic fibres, parents can help to protect their baby’s sensitive skin as well as the environment. A baby’s skin is 20-30% thinner and less resilient than adult skin and less resistant to bacteria and harmful substances in the environment, especially if it’s irritated. This is why we believe it is so important to protect new born skin in anyway we can.

Environmentally, organic cotton crops use far less water than non-organic crops as they are rain-fed and are not treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms. These toxins are extremely harmful to the farmers who tend to the crops (as cotton-picking is still done by hand), eco-systems and wildlife, water-ways and our children. It is estimated that 25 percent of the world’s insecticide use and more than 10 percent of the world’s pesticide is used on cotton crops! Did you know that certain pesticides were first developed and used in World War Two as biological weapons? 

To be classified as organic, every step of the production chain must meet very strict guidelines, from the soil where the cotton is grown to the processing facilities in which it is created. 

We believe in goodness for all. As a family and as a small business we pride ourselves on being kind, in doing what is right, and striving to do better. We started Mini Hearts Club after undertaking many months of research into the current state of the global clothing industry and its impact on social and environmental sustainability, and asking the question "At what cost?"...

SO we asked ourselves "How can WE as a family and as a value-driven brand do more, give more, be more and learn more to create a small ripple of change in how clothing, especially children's clothing, is made. We are not the first brand striving for this change but we are certainly inspired by such companies, particularly fellow New Zealand companies, who are trail blazing the path in such honest and meaningful ways.

It is our hope that one day the scales will tip and organic cotton and ethical clothing production will become the norm.

We truly believe that doing good starts with a dream. A dream that benefits everyone, treats people fairly, is transparent and honest in all aspects of production, and helps to grow a happier and healthier future for all.

Be Good. Do Good. Everyday Goodness.